Slitherin' Sisters

 2010 Breeding

2009-2010 Breeding Season
As long as my plan goes as planned.....I will be attempting my very first breeding this season with my new 05 female and my male pastel. The female is roughly 2,000 grams and should be more than ready to breed this season.


November 1st
Pairings have begun between my pastel male and my 05 female (ID: 05FNormal007) The expected outcome of this pairing is 50% pastels 50% normals. The female is 2,000 grams and the male is 450 grams.

December 3rd
I finally caught him tickling her! I still haven't noticed any locks, but I try not to check on him every day he's with her because he's young. I'm also not pairing them as often as most breeders do because of his age and size, males can stress from breeding. I'm pairing them 3 days at a time every couple weeks.  

January 6th
I finally got my very first actual lock! I'm very excited! I'm hoping for some very nice light pastels from this clutch because the female is a relatively light normal and it should enhance the lightness of the babies. He's on another break now, lucky son-of-a-gun, eat, breed and relax, what a life.

January 9th
She shed

January 11th
Well, I thought that was my first lock, but apparently I missed one or two (or more)! She's glowing now!

January 25th
They are still locking for me!

February 9th
She is refusing locks and has been taken off feed for the breeding season. 

March 16th
She just shed! I'm hoping this is her prelay shed and I just missed her ovulation. Who knows! I missed them pairing for quite awhile, so I wouldn't be surprised if I missed her ov. We'll find out for sure in about 30 days! 

March 28th
She hasn't moved since March 16th, she's curled up on the hot side all day and night.

(April 11th-14th)

Watch for possible eggs!

May 9th

This girl was way late laying. Most lay around day 27-35 after their prelay shed, but this girl waited till day 53!!!

They are a little further along than normal

End of June
Start watching for hatchlings!

July 20th
Well, I haven't been wanting to update this page, but I suppose I have to. Unfortunately I had a horrific first year of breeding. I'm not sure what went wrong, but hopefully I will get it figured out by next season. Four of the seven eggs ended up making it almost all the way to the end, one died at day 52. The other three I cut at day 54 and 55, then pulled the hatchlings out of the eggs at day 58 (I knew something was wrong with them). All four babies ended up being deformed and kinked. Unfortunately the three I pulled out of the egg were very much alive and were culled.

It was a rough first season to say the least.



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