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 Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are one of the most dreaded and deadly health issues you will run into with Ball Pythons. Unfortunately it's part of the territory when you keep a large number of animals.

Respiratory issues can happen for a number reasons, poor husbandry, low temps, high humidity, mold, contamination, even stress can cause it. Even in the best of conditions you can find yourself treating respiratory infections. I chalk those cases up to how easily these snakes stress. Breeding is stressful on these guys so use care especially during the breeding season.


Treatment can be done one of two ways as far as I'm concerned. Both have their pros and cons and it's really up to what you are comfortable with.

Option 1: Vet
Most people tend to sway this way because this is a tried and true method. You receive professional treatment and supplies from a qualified veterinarian. You will want to have a culture done because there are three different types of antibiotics that can be used, each only cures a specific strain of infection. Typically the vet will prescribe an antibiotic, probably Baytril, for you to use while you are waiting for the culture to come back. The antibiotics will be administered by injection, it can be difficult! I have not had good luck with antibiotics. To me, they are riskier because I've lost snakes to RIs while treating with antibiotics. Antibiotics are slow curing and RIs are quick killing.

Option 2: F10
This option is definitely riskier, especially if you are a more conventional keeper. I have treated respiratory infections using both methods, but F10 is my 'drug of choice'. F10 is not an antibiotic, it is a disinfecting agent. It's administered via fogger. Watch the video I posted above from SnakeBytesTV, I follow their directions and have cured many respiratory infections using F10. I have not had a snake die while treating with F10. I have treated gravid females, the eggs and babies were fine.

Quick Reference Video notes:
3ML of F10 per fogger bottle
20 mins of fog, 20 mins of rest in fog tub


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