Slitherin' Sisters

I love my little ratty rats so here's a page all about them!

This guy is an absolute cutie, my coworker took him in as a pet.
A black capped possum face, and his name is Templeton.

A wide stripe hooded, he is also with my coworker, his name is Rexy. He is also and odd eye.

Another weird velveteen

Agouti variegated hooded blaze dumbo

Cute dumbo possum face

I loved this one and it's different colored ears!

Rogaine and Chaka -my personal pets

I've been getting these weird velveteen looking rats from standard furred rats. I'm not really sure what is going on with this gene. This girl is my sister's pet, her name is Tabetha. 

Rexy again, this time you can see his odd eyes

Super cute hooded possum face champagne dumbo

Hairless-ish possum face

Blaze, possum, and blaze

Dumbo wide stripe hodded blaze 

A variegated hooded -sold as a pet


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