Slitherin' Sisters

Kenyan Sand Boas!

I figured I would start a blog of sorts about my Sand Boa adventure since they don't seem to be a very popular snake yet. A lot of my website is sort of a blog for myself to make it easy to go back and look up information, so I figured, what the hay!


July 20th
It has been almost a month since I have had these girls and I love them! So far they have turned out to be really easy snakes and very stress free. I got the normal female from Craigslist and the Anery female from BHB. I'm not even sure if the black and white female ate before she was shipped to me, she may have, but man was she small! I didn't weigh her right away, but after she ate for me she weighed 8 grams, that's the same as 3 pennies! It took less than a week after being shipped to me for her to eat. The normal female ate for me 2 days after I got her on the first try.

They are eating frozen thawed pinkies and I have been having fun feeding them by hand! You don't have to feed them by hand, you can easily tong feed them, but it's so much fun! They are very slow and calm when they eat so getting bit/constricted by accident is not an issue, thus far at least! I feed this normal girl two pinkies since buying one size of baby mice is easier. 

October 18th

Sorry I haven't had much to report! They have been fun though! I've had several kids come over to visit and they fall in love with these guys. My sister might even have my mom talked into having a snake in her house because of these guys! :)

I picked up a couple new girls from Chicago this past weekend. This girl is a Kenyan X Egyptian Sand Boa, hence the high yellow color.

This is a Stripe Het Paradox Albino female. Her stripe isn't the greatest and she's in shed, but when I saw what she could make I had to have her! In a couple years I'll get her a male and hopefully make some stripe paradox albinos!


And this is what she can make!

I love the look of these guys, albino is the orange and creme color, paradox is the black spots

This is another one, he has more spots than the one above.

November 18th
My sister's albino sand boas. These are the first snakes mom has allowed in her house :)

The male is the lighter smaller one, he's an albino het anery

The male

The female 

Took some new pictures of my stripe het paradox albino girl. She's very pretty, but she also has a bad attitude! I wore a glove during this photoshoot today and she bit my glove more times than I can count!


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