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 Terms of Slitherin' Sisters

Health and Sex Guarantee
We guarantee that each of our animals are in top notch condition and have been eating well, unless otherwise stated. We will not ship babies that have had less than 6 meals. This is to ensure that the animal is healthy and ultimately guarantees that the animal will eat for you as long as your enclosure is set up properly.

We guarantee a live healthy snake when you open the box, and that each animal has been correctly sexed. There MUST be someone to accept the delivery or the live, healthy animal guarantee is void (more about this in shipping section). 

If anything happens to your animal within 7 days please let us know immediately. No refunds will be given, because there is no way for us to know whether or not your animal has been cared for properly. We will consider transferring the amount paid to another animal of equal or lesser value, but you may have to wait for the next breeding season. We reserve the right to refuse transfer of funds.

Payment Plans/Hold Animal
We will accept payment plans and hold the animal for a limited time. A deposit of 25% is required. This deposit is non refundable as the animal has been taken off the market, even if temporarily. Once the deposit has been received the animal will be placed on hold and payment plans are as follows:

***For animals under $200 you have 7 days to pay in full
***For animals between $200-$500 you have 30 days to pay in full
***For animals over $500 you have 60 days to pay in full

***We will not refund the deposit or the payments that have been made*** Please carefully consider a payment plan before agreeing to one. If there is any chance that you may default, don't agree to a payment plan! Save your money and buy an animal you can afford. We do not refund payments because the snake was taken off the market, has grown, and must now be put back on the market. If you default on a payment plan the animal will automatically be put back on the market the first day after the payment plan was defaulted. For example, if you had a 60 day payment plan, the animal will be posted for sale on the 61st day. You will be given 30 days to pay off your balance and buy the animal *if* it is still available, or you may transfer the amount you have paid, including the down payment, to another animal of equal or lesser value. No refunds will be given if an animal of lesser value is chosen. Once 30 days has passed, your contract is void, and the funds are no longer available for your use. If there are no animals available for you to transfer your funds to within 30 days the funds are null and void. We do not refund payment plans because it is pointless to offer a payment plan if people can ask for their money back whenever they please.

We ask that the shipping be paid in a timely manner. We are quite sure you will be excited to receive your animal, so we have not yet set a time limit on shipping payment.

A contract will be drawn up the day you put down a deposit. It will have the start and end date for your payments, which animal you are purchasing with picture and ID#, the amount plus shipping, and the contract details that are written above. This contract will be sent via email, we ask that you reply to the email agreeing to the terms of the contract or the animal may be taken off hold.

The animal must be paid in full, including shipping, before we will ship the animal.

Accepted Payment Methods
PayPal we prefer to use PayPal because it has some protection for both parties involved. I believe PayPal may still have a 2-3 business day hold if you take the money out of your checking/savings account. Please keep that in mind.

Money orders will be accepted, but they will have a 3 business day hold on them to ensure available funds.

Personal checks will be accepted, but they will have a 10 business day hold on them to ensure available funds.

***Do not send cash by mail***

Please keep in mind that holds take time, do not send me a personal check on the 29th day if you have a 30 day payment plan. Your check will be deposited and placed on hold, but the animal will still be put back up for sale on 31st day.

Our animals are shipped via by FedEx overnight delivery. Someone MUST be present to accept the snake when it arrives or the live health guarantee is void. Please plan ahead and be 100% positive that someone will be there to accept the animal, some people send the animal to their work place. We will be following the tracking information along with you, so we will have a rough guesstimate as to when the package will or has arrived. Please contact us immediately after you have received the package and inspect the animals if anything is wrong. You can contact us in several different ways: email, phone, or text. Phone number will be provided. We must be contacted right away if there is a problem otherwise we cannot be sure if it was something we did or you did (for example, leave the box outside too long). A refund or a transfer of funds will be considered, not guaranteed.

***Shipping Update*** Now that Ship Your Reptiles is offering live animal arrival insurance I will be using that. I will pay for the insurance for each shipped snake. Should the snake die from late/lost shipment Ship Your Reptiles will cover the cost of the animal and you will be refunded. 

Shipping Outside the United States
At this time we will not ship outside of the United States because of the extreme cost and time that is involved with shipping to other countries.


     Created February 25th, 2010

Updated August 26th, 2012 shipping update added


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